Hampton Segment (4C)

The HREL Hampton Segment includes converting the three existing eastbound and westbound GP lanes into two Express Lanes and two GP lanes. The
project will widen I-64 and re-pave existing lanes with an additional 12-foot-wide travel lane in each direction from Settlers Landing Road (exit 267) to LaSalle Avenue (exit 265). This section of interstate includes six mainline bridges and one pedestrian underpass. The eastbound Hampton River bridge will be replaced, and the westbound Hampton River Bridge will be widened and rehabilitated.

Major Work Items:
  • 2 bridge replacements (EB Hampton River)
  • 3 bridge widening/rehabilitations (WB Hampton River, EB/WB King Street, EB/WB Settlers Landing Road)
  • 1 bridge rehabilitation (Rip Rap Road)
  • 2.5 miles of EB and WB roadway widening
  • Right of way acquisition
  • Tolling Gantry
  • Overhead signage
  • Noise walls
Project Cost: $429.8 Million
Important Dates