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Photo of HOV Lanes TodayConversion of the HOV lanes to Express Lanes is expected to double current usage within a year.

The cost for travel in the Express Lanes is based on Dynamic Pricing, determined on a transaction basis using a single gantry system.  Dynamic Pricing is also determined by the number of vehicles in the Express Lanes at the time of use.

All drivers must have an E-ZPass to enter the Express Lanes. To travel free, a Flex transponder is needed so the driver can indicate there are 2 or more occupants in the vehicle, to meet the HOV2+ or Express Lanes requirement. 

E-ZPass Flex Transponder

(E-ZPass Flex features a switch for HOV2+ drivers and will be available prior to the opening of the Express Lanes).

VDOT estimates conversion to Express Lanes will decrease use of General Purpose Lanes by approximately 17 percent.

Revenue earned from Express Lanes will go back into maintenance of the I-64 corridor, ensuring a smoother commute for years to come.

Project History

In 1992, the Commonwealth Transportation Board designated HOV lanes in Hampton Roads. In 1998, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation encouraged the study of Express Lane conversion. A study was completed in July 2016. In September 2016 the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization endorsed a resolution supporting the Express Lanes. On October 19, 2016 Virginia’s Commonwealth Transportation Board voted to convert the HOV lanes to Express Lanes.


Overview of 64 Express Lanes, Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne, April 12, 2017


In 2017, crews will begin installing gantries and an overhead monitoring system to track drivers using the Express Lanes.

Drivers who choose the Express Lanes will be responsible for using E-ZPass devices.

Hours of Operation: The Express Lanes will operate from 5a.m.-9a.m. and 2p.m.- 6p.m. Monday-Friday.

Current Status

Construction and public outreach is expected to begin in early 2017. We will be updating this project page with more information as work begins.

Closer Look at Construction: 64 Express Lane Gantries

June 2017, Near the I-564 Interchange in Norfolk

64 Express Lanes Toll Gantry Installation - June 7, 2017

64 Express Lanes, Toll Gantry Installation - June 12, 2017