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Express Lanes Coming to Hampton Roads

Every day thousands of drivers sit in traffic on I-64, between the I-64/I-264 Interchange and I-564.

But as the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) converts 8.4 miles of underused High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes -- meant for vehicles with two or more riders -- to Express Lanes on I-64, commuters will have a more reliable, less congested commute that will provide travel choices.

Motorists choosing the Express Lanes will help ease traffic in the General Purpose lanes, and Express drivers will see more consistent speeds with fewer commuters in their lanes.

Conversion of the HOV lanes to Express Lanes is expected to double current usage within a year.

The cost for travel in the Express Lanes is based on Dynamic Pricing, determined on a transaction basis using a single gantry system.  Dynamic Pricing is also determined by the number of vehicles in the Express Lanes at the time of use.

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Closer Look at Construction: 64 Express Lanes

64 Express Lanes Toll Gantry Installation - June 7, 2017

Where are the Express Lanes?

They are on 8.4 miles of I-64 between the I-264 interchange and I-564 interchange. They will replace the High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes along this corridor. The Express Lanes will be reversible, similar to the HOV lanes.

What is changing?

The Express Lanes will be open to all drivers, not just high-occupancy vehicles. Solo drivers will pay a variable toll to use the lanes, while HOV drivers may continue to use them for free.

How do I pay?

During operating hours, solo drivers can use their E-ZPass. High-occupancy vehicles (2+ riders) have the option of using the E-ZPass Flex system to travel toll-free in the Express Lanes. (E-ZPass Flex features a switch for HOV2+ drivers and will be available prior to the opening of the Express Lanes).

How do I travel toll-free?

During operating hours, high-occupancy vehicles with 2+ riders can use the E-ZPass Flex system. There will be no charge to use the Express Lanes when they are not in operation. (E-ZPass Flex features a switch for HOV2+ drivers and will be available prior to the opening of the Express Lanes).

How soon can I use the lanes?

Conversion is scheduled for completion by December 2017.

What are the operating hours?

The initial operating hours will be 5am-9am (Westbound) and 2pm-6pm (Eastbound) Monday-Friday. There will be no charge to use the Express Lanes at other times.

How do Express Lanes work?

Before each entry point to the Express Lanes, there will be a sign with real-time information on the variable-toll rate. At that point, solo-drivers may choose to enter the Express Lanes or remain in the free general-purpose lanes. This variable rate will rise or fall depending on the amount of traffic in the Express Lanes. The toll-systems' designer will be contractually required to structure these rates to maintain a minimum average speed in the Express Lanes. That helps ensure a reliable commuting time for drivers.  

Why have Express Lanes?

Express Lanes will provide choices for those who want a more reliable commuting time, while helping us make better use of the highway space we already have. 

Can I use the lanes without paying?

Yes. If you have two or more passengers in your vehicle and an E-Zpass Flex transponder, you can travel toll-free in the Express Lanes during operating hours. When the Express Lanes are not in operation, there will be no charge to use them. (E-ZPass Flex features a switch for HOV2+ drivers and will be available prior to the opening of the Express Lanes).

How do I get E-ZPass?

Head to https://www.ezpassva.com/ 

What will happen to money collected from the Express Lanes?

VDOT will collect and retain the revenue earned from the Express Lanes. It will be used for continued maintenance of the I-64 corridor, ensuring a smoother commute for years to come.

Who will be in charge of collecting revenue?

The Virginia Department of Transportation.



Contact VDOT Communications Manager Paula Miller at 757-925-1660 with questions or concerns. You can also complete the online form.

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HRTPO Resolution of Support for a Regional I-64 Express Lane Network

CHESAPEAKE - In July 2017, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) issued a resolution of support for a regional I-64 Express Lane network. . .

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