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About The Lanes

The 64 Express Lanes are open from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. westbound and 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. eastbound Monday through Friday.

During operating hours, solo drivers with a funded, registered E-ZPass may choose to use the lanes by paying a toll. Drivers with two or more people in their vehicle (HOV-2+) can ride free by using an E-ZPass Flex switched to "HOV ON". All drivers using the lanes during operating hours must have an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex. Outside of operating hours, the 64 Express Lanes are free and open to all motorists with no E-ZPass or HOV requirements.

The 8.4 miles of Express Lanes on I-64 between the I-264 Interchange and I-564 in Norfolk provide travel choices and more predictable trips for drivers during operating hours.

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Weekend Hours are as follows:

12:01 a.m. Saturday - 11 a.m. Sunday open to all traffic eastbound

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday closed to all traffic

1 p.m. Sunday - Midnight Monday open to all traffic westbound

Travel Options

Solo Drivers

If you drive alone, you will have a new option to travel on the I-64 Reversible Roadway between I-264 and I-564 in Norfolk. You must have a registered, funded E-ZPass transponder or a registered E-ZPass Flex transponder switched to cover "HOV ON."


If you are riding with two or more people in your vehicle (HOV-2+), you can continue to use the 64 Express Lanes free of charge. You will need a registered E-ZPass Flex set to "HOV ON". This will ensure you are riding toll-free. 

Buses and Other Multimodal Options

Buses may travel on the 64 Express Lanes without paying a toll. 

How Do Express Lanes Work?

Dynamic Tolling

Roadway sensors will monitor traffic volumes. Toll prices will adjust to manage demand for the lanes and keep traffic free-flowing. When there’s more traffic, prices will be higher. When there’s less traffic, prices will be lower.

Toll Price Signs

Before you enter the 64 Express Lanes, two electronic signs will display the amount of the variable toll. As you enter the 64 Express Lanes, the price you see on the overhead sign is the amount you will be charged. That amount will not change, even if the amount of the toll changes while you are in the lanes. You will also be able to download our free 64 Express Lanes mobile app for Android and iOS. The app will be able to help you estimate the cost of your trip.

Toll Payment

Electronic toll gantries will determine the cost of your trip during operating hours. Solo drivers will see this cost reflected on their E-ZPass account balance. Vehicles with two or more people inside (HOV-2+) that have a registered E-ZPass Flex set to "HOV ON" will not be charged a variable toll. HOV-2+ vehicles must have their E-ZPass Flex set to "HOV ON" before entering the 64 Express Lanes or they will be charged the variable toll. No corrections will be issued. 

E-ZPass/E-ZPass Flex

To use the 64 Express Lanes during operating hours, you must have a properly funded, mounted and registered E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex transponder in your vehicle. To learn more about the difference between E-ZPass and E-ZPass Flex or to learn how to exchange your standard E-ZPass transponder for an E-ZPass Flex transponder, visit

Outside of operating hours, the 64 Express Lanes will remain free and open to all users with no E-ZPass or HOV requirements.